DC MacLean

     My name is David Clarence MacLean and I am a singer/songwriter/string player living in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, Canada. I am called Dave, David, Clarence, Mac, most anything really, so I use the name DC MacLean for my musical endeavours. Both sides of my family have a musical history with roots in the Ottawa Valley and Prince Edward Island. 

     I started with piano lessons at the age of eight while living in Waterdown, ON. I started on guitar when I turned 12 with banjo, bass and mandolin to follow. As a teenager I started playing the violin.

     After retiring from my day job I began performing and recording again. My newest album Maritime Roots has been written, recorded and is available for free download and on streaming sites everywhere.

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    Album and song art work by Anita O'Toole MacLean, Jayne Eastwood Flaherty and DC MacLean

    All Photos By DC MacLean, Terry DeBono, Patricia Toth, Colleen O'Toole, Nige Stewart (and other friends)

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