Colours Of My Life

      On a November day in 2017 Devin M attended my place with coffees and a guitar for a day of song writing. He started things off by playing the set of chords heard in the Colours Of My Life recording. We smoothed out the progression and Devin began playing the acoustic riff now heard in the instrumental break of the recording (Bm section). If that wasn't enough he offered up a hook, suggesting "The colours of my life." Then he left...

     I told Devin I would see what I could do about a melody and lyrics so I just played the chords over the next week or so and saw what popped into my heed. The sounds took me back to a time at the Ancaster fair on a hot afternoon years earlier. There were coloured balloons all over and Won't Get Fooled Again (one of my favourite tunes) was playing quite loudly nearby. I remember thinking about all the colours around me that day so the ideas seemed to fit Devin's concept quite nicely.

     I recorded my acoustic and vocals over some layered synth at my Woodstock studio. Dave T and Devin M did the drums and bass at Devin's Ancaster studio. I was mixing things and plotting with Jack about an acoustic lead guitar in the tune. It did not seem to fit as well as an electric so we used Jack's Les Paul in the final mix. I put some organ in the choruses to fill in the gaps. 

4/4 Key D

Colours Of My Life

Verse 1

D        C                      D          C                  D

Coloured balloons floating on the air  British tunes rockin' everywhere


Pre Chor 1

Fmaj7                   G      D  Fmaj7     G                 A

When we look a rainbow's in the sky  Take a look a painting's passing by Break

Chor 1

D        A  G          D                A

Day after day night after night. Take me away

      F      G          D.      F      G     D

Don't fade to black and white. The colours of my life



Verse 2

Your  song won't fool us again  How long? The Who will tell us when

Pre Chor 2

When we look at fireworks in the sky  Take a look at colours passing by   Break

Chor 2

Instrumental Break

Bm   G    Bm   G    Bm    A     G

Chor 3

Instrumental End

Fmaj7     G6        D   C   D   C