Jack wrote the riff for Strangers in B minor a while back. I added some lyrics and we put a melody together. The song is based on my French/Irish ancestors on the Gervais side who came to Quebec in the sixteen thirties.

     This recording features acoustic guitar and vocals by me with a dash of synthesizer in the second part. Jack does harmony and plays the lead/background electric guitar. Devon S is on bass. Dave T is on drums.


4/4 Key D

Verse 1

Bm        A         Bm

We came to bring them light  

Bm        A            Bm

A shame we brought them night

Bm        A      Bm       

From sea to shining seas

Bm                A

Our arrogance and ignorance

Bm    A    Bm

Floated on the breeze


Bm            A           E

We're strangers in a strange land

Bm         A        E

Down by the water we stand

Bm            A       E

To see what tomorrow reveals


        G        A          Bm  

There's dry grass on the high fields

        G        A          Bm    

There's dry grass on the high fields


Verse 2

The western wall is gone

The rest will fall at dawn

From shore to rocky shore

All the way to Hudson's Bay

We go 'cause we want more

Pre-chor/ Chor 2/ Repeat last line 

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