Gold River Ghost 4/4 Key D

Gold River GhostDC MacLean
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Gold River runs from the Atlantic Ocean, ending up near Blue Mountain, Nova is also the name of a small town between Mahone Bay and Chester Basin, on the coast area where the river begins. Gold was mined along the river from the mid 1800's until the mid 1900's. 

I saw the sign indicating the Gold River while driving along Hwy 103 and I just had to research what it was all about. The lyrics for the song began to gather and I wrote them into a guitar riff I had been fooling with. I use guitar, bass, mandolin, bass drum, tambourine and piano in this one with some etherial tones drifting about the background. I also sing the main vocal.

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 Gold River Ghost

V1) Aristocrats in towers hide by the sea

Where aromatic flowers are brewed into a tea

An angel came on the wing, when I heard her sing

I felt like a king

Ch1) Feel the pain like a ball and chain, it's insane

Gold River lost in the rain,

Gold River lost in the rain

V2) Something to remember, something to forget

It's snowing in September, the fields are cold and wet

Stop 'cause I have to say, why don't you stay

You've drifted away


Bridge) Can we find our way, our way

We've been gone so long

V3) Now the miner's father lives in the town

The hangman's daughter burned the gallows down

We dig down deep in the ground making no sound

But look what we found

Ch3) to End