Hollywood Heaven

     Hollywood Heaven is a song about the shift in filming locations from the U.S. to Canada beginning about 30 years ago. This came about due to the currency differences between our two countries (among other economic reasons) and government incentives at all levels in Canada.
     I spent those years doing security at many filming sites in the Hamilton area. At one of those locations in the early nineties it was break time on the set and I was chatting with one of the directors.

     He had spent most of his career in the States and I asked what it was like to be working in Canada at this wonderful house in Dundas. He replied, "It feels like heaven."
I have many friends in the film/TV industry. They have all reflected how terrific this shift in the industry has been for them. I wrote this song based on these conversations.
     I am playing acoustic lead and rhythm and doing vocals. I also put in the synth strings. Jack is playing electric and singing harmony. Dave T is on drums and Devin S is on bass.

Key C 4/4    Hollywood Heaven



The world is cold and still when we're climbing up a hill


The world is on our backs, falling through the cracks

Am                 C

Hollywood is dead, get that through your head

Am                           C

The sheep have formed a line, waiting for their wine




Feels like heaven, heaven's here outside your door


Hea-ea-ea-eaven, how could you ask for more


Feels like heaven, heaven's here, open up your mind


Hea-ea-ea-eaven, I see it all the time

Instrumental break


We've heard the ancient tale of Jonah and The Whale

How they went away, now they're back to stay

They come to Babylon the volcano rumbles on

Spacemen make their way into the light of day

Chor2/Repeat chorus and last line