Instruments and Equipment

I use quite a mixed bag of equipment, depending on the day and what  has to be recorded. I mostly use a Sure microphone for vocals...sometimes an Apex condenser, depending on the part.

The guitar I use is a Fina loaner from my sister-in-law Colleen...three years so far lol. (As an unrelated aside, two of my uncles on my dad's side-o-the-family ran a Fina gas station in Burlington,ON when I was a relation to the guitars).

I use a Godin semi-acoustic/electric mandolin for most recording but sometimes I play an Epiphone mando.

I use an Epiphone banjo; a 5 string, fretless Ibanez bass; a Yamaha, midi-piano, a Lachenal concertina; a Walton Bodhran; a Strat copy violin, a no-name harpsichord and a no name tambourine.

The vocals and instruments are recorded with microphones or via direct input through a Steinberg interface into a Mac laptop. Some parts are recorded through the Line 6 interface and others are created via midi with Spitfire programs and with sound samples. Mixing is done with Logic-Pro X and mastering is via


DC MacLean instruments.jpg
DC MacLean instruments.jpg
DC MacLean instruments.jpeg