Inverness began with a guitar riff I wrote at age eighteen. I had hitch-hiked to Nova Scotia with a friend and the riff was written near Inverness, Cape Breton. Many years later I wrote the lyrics and the song was born. It is a love typical love song with a connection to Inverness, N.S.

     I play acoustic and sing lead on this tune. Jack plays electric guitar, bass and sings harmony. Andy plays trumpet and Gord is on sax. Dave T is on drums.

4/4 Key G





Verse 1


When I was young and someone I was in the game

G                                         Am

Now I'm old, growing cold the rules are not the same

Pre-Chor 1


And I've walked, how far I've walked


Many roads through many towns


And I've talked, how long I've talked


About how you brought me down

Chor 1

D                 C                                    Bm

Oh Inverness off towards the west, Inverness

Instrumental Breaks

Verse 2

I'll take a stand, shake the hand

Of the one who's got you now

I'll wear a smile, all the while I knew

I'd get by somehow

Pre-chor 2

Then I'll wait, how long I'll wait

In my chair beside the door

For you to come, you to come

Like you've always done before

Chor 2

Instrumental breaks - End