Lay Me Down 4/4 Key F

Lay Me DownDC MacLean
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Lay Me Down is a song written during the difficult pandemic days. The lyrics relate to some terrible losses during those times. I sing main vocal and harmony on this. I do the bass, guitar and concertina here as well.

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Lay Me Down

V1) When you fight for what is right 

And that valley opens wide

When everything is black and white on the other side

Like a raven on the wing looking down on troubled times

Like a bird that doesn't sing but speaks in broken rhymes

Pre Ch1) Listen you can hear the call

If you look you'll see the mighty fall - oh

Ch1) Like Daniel in the lion's den I'll be hangin' 'round

And if I have to wait at St. Peter's Gate

Come and lay me down

V2) Walk on soft and read the book

Walk the bridge and walk the line

The truth won't wait but if you look we're all doin' fine

Lookin' down the muddy street, lookin' on I'm satisfied 

In the square where lovers meet

There stands a blushing bride

Pre ch2)


Bridge) Way up high there's a house on a hill

The trees are bare and still

V3) There's something left undone

There's something in the fire

When you find the right someone

They're standing on a wire

When there's nowhere left to go

And there's nowhere left to hide

When you make it through the snow

See you on the other side

Pre ch3) 

Chor3) Repeat Pre Ch and Chor to end