Devon Savas 



Twenty-two-year-old Devon Savas is an active musician in the region of Southern Ontario. After growing up in an immensely musical household, adopting a collection that included Louis Armstrong, the Who, U2, New Order, and the Backstreet Boys (to name a few), Devon immersed himself into a wide variety of soundscapes. For his 10th birthday, his parents brought home his first guitar. At 12, he took on the piano in a self-explorative manner. At 13, he gravitated toward the drums, eventually landing him leadership of the percussion section in his high school's concert band. Upon a new love with the world of jazz music, Devon auditioned for the drummer's seat in the St Thomas More Jazz Band. While many drummers showed up for the audition, very little bassists were to be found. Upon discussion with director Rob Santos, Devon was persuaded to take on the musical role of the bassist; this soon became a role that he fulfills the majority of his musical career under, and one in which he proudly identifies by to this day.


In June of 2017, Devon received his diploma and graduated with honors upon completing Mohawk College’s 3-year Advanced Contemporary Performance Studies program as a bass major. He will be further completing his educational pursuance as a 3rdyear student of Humber College’s Bachelor of Music program in the fall of 2018. Through private lesson, ensemble, classroom, master class and performance environments, Devon has been privileged to study with the likes of Jon Maharaj, Mike Downes, Pat Collins, Adrean Farrugia, Kevin Dempsey, Clark Johnston, Kim Ratcliffe, Will Jarvis, Anthony Michelli, Darcy Hepner, Jamshed Turel and Dan Loomis. 


Devon currently resides and collaborates as a bassist for a large assortment of local musicians, as well as a core member and creative contributor for a selection of diverse local projects. Devon has also built a rapport of theatre performances as a musician for Hamilton Theatre Inc, Burlington Student Theatre, and as a sub for Theatre Ancaster. His talents have been offered up for a variety of session work, and he continues to write a large multitude of compositions on a regular basis. Through his endeavors, Devon has been fortunate to perform at a wide assortment of festivals, venues and events across Southern Ontario, including the Toronto Undergraduate Jazz Festival, South Coast Jazz Festival, the TD Brantford Jazz Festival, Gage Park, the Horseshoe Tavern, and the Burlington Performing Arts Centre. In devoting nearly every spare minute of his time to his passion and occupation, he hopes to fulfill a long-lasting musical career as a session/touring artist, pit musician, composer, arranger, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and teacher.

Through his years of teaching experience (developed through various fields of employment, private lessons, co op placements and volunteering), Devon has developed a vast knowledge and diverse rapport that enables him to customize each lesson to benefit the musical needs of his students. His studies and experiences have led him to a strong passion for unlocking the inner musical potential of any student who wishes to do so. Furthermore, Devon believes in the importance of using music as a key to an environment of encouragement, fun and happiness. He offers teaching services as a bass, guitar, drum and/or piano instructor.