Ode To Halifax 4/4 Key D

Ode To HalifaxDC MacLean
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I wrote Ode To Halifax as a tribute to the "big city" of Nova Scotia. The song is a simple mixture of the main vocal with rhythm and lead guitar, bass and twin fiddles with twin pipes added in the final verse.

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Ode To Halifax

V1) Halifax you're calling me again and now my time has come

My days are numbered and my nights, I hear a beating drum

I had no care there was magic in the air 

I roamed the whole world wide

Now I hear your voice in the waves

A turning of the tide

V2) Halifax I've looked into your eyes and everything is blue

From down by the docks on up through your streets

You always bring me through

Time won't wait for those who hesitate the clock is winding down

But your will is strong, you'll carry me along

Back into your town

V3) Halifax please open up your heart and guide me to my home

From The Northwest Arm to George's Isle across the raging foam

Your harbour lights shine on into the night

As we tie up to the pier

This rambling rake will take his rest

And lift a glass of cheer

V4) Halifax you'll always be the same just like a lifelong friend

I walk your streets where old friends meet, you'll see me to the end

You sing your song on the ocean wind

A comfort to the free

Then you'll sleep a thousand years

And sail into the sea