Oh, Evangeline 3/4 Key F

Oh EvangelineDC MacLean
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I have always loved visiting the Annapolis Valley and the Evangeline Trail. I finally read through the Longfellow poem about Evangeline and Gabriel and found it quite interesting so I wrote this song based on that.

I do the main vocals and harmonies on this one...

use a guitar tuned in a "Low F Tuning", play piano and bass drum on this song. As always there are some etherial effects in the background now and then.

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Oh, Evangeline

V1) Through the hills she wanders alone

In the days long after the fall

She comes here to tell us a tale of two worlds

She comes here to answer the call

V2) The sun and the moon still shine on the bay

Back in the home of her dreams

The song of the siren rings soft through the trees

Stories of places unseen

Ch1) O-o-oh Evangeline (repeat 3 times)

V3) Gabriel's gone, gone far away,

Gone without saying goodbye

Bound for New England or North Carolina

Lost in the forest to die

V4) The Sisters of Mercy will brighten your way

No longer will you be alone

Fall into the arms of your long lost love

Gabriel's finally come home

Ch2) End