Queens and Kings

     Queens and Kings is a song I wrote after being moved by the Me Too Movement. This song covers my thoughts on these current events and the effects they are having on our society. The lyrics reflect the positive outcomes for these victims of sexism, sexual assault and harassment that are finally beginning to arise. 
      I wrote the song and play acoustic guitar, electric leads, sing vocals and harmonies. I have added in a bit-o-synth as usual. I asked Devin M to write and record a bass line and he came up with a beauty.


Key D 4/4   Queens and Kings



You queens and kings the new world brings  

     G             D

The finer things in order


You chosen ones when the morning comes. 

     G                 D

Let's take a trip to the border



            G                D      G  C G D

A celebration throughout the nation  Freedom, liberation


E               A       E              A                  E

The waters run cold and deep  And the righteous may never sleep

      E            A    E               A            E

Our daughters too old to weep. What you sew you will reap

Instr.             E   A7  D


With iron doors and shiny floors. 

They think they've found their calling

You face them here and you persevere.

Down, down, down they're falling



Instrumental break

Repeat first 2 lines of Verse 1