Queens and Kings

     Queens and Kings is a song I wrote which reflects my thoughts on the Me Too Movement and the positive steps the movement has introduced to equality in this world.
      I wrote the song and play acoustic guitar, electric leads, sing vocals and harmonies. I have added in a bit-o-synth as usual. I asked Devin M to write and record a bass line and he came up with a beauty. Dave T is on drums. 

Key D 4/4   Queens and Kings



You queens and kings the new world brings  

     G             D

The finer things in order


You chosen ones when the morning comes. 

     G                 D

Let's take a trip to the border



            G                D      G  C G D

A celebration throughout the nation  Freedom, liberation


E               A       E              A                  E

The waters run cold and deep  And the righteous may never sleep

      E            A    E               A            E

Our daughters too old to weep. What you sew you will reap

Instr.             E   A7  D


With iron doors and shiny floors. 

They think they've found their calling

You face them here and you persevere.

Down, down, down they're falling



Instrumental break

Repeat first 2 lines of Verse 1

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