Sages is another riff based song that I wrote many years back. The acoustic guitar part is what I wrote first in Am. The pre-chorus (Bm) was written on the piano a few years later. The chorus was written a few years after that...kind of a mixed bag but each period of writing was in relation to the same song so it ended up sounding cohesive....I think....maybe? 

     I play acoustic guitar, synth and sing lead and harmony vocals. Jack plays lead acoustic and electric. Dave T is on drums and Devon S is on bass.

            Key G 4/4    Sages

Instrumental   Am  Em  Bm  C  G  D


Am         Em               Bm     

I sing in the night down by the sea, 

Bm            C          G    D

the waves echo back my refrain

Am       Em                   Bm

I sing of a fight of defending the free

Bm         C          G      D

I sing of the joy and the pain


Bm                       C     

Walking through pages of lives through the ages

  G                  D

I see I've made it so far

Bm                      C

Talking with Sages who's spirit's contagious

G                     D

Now I know who you are....will there be


G   D EmC           D

Pea-ea-ea-ce where I'm bound....will there be

G   D EmC           D

Pea-ea-ea-ce where I'm bound

G   C  G C  G  C G




In the night I see people passing and gone

Their dreams no different than mine

They seem to be what all hopes rested on

Traces of spaces in time




Instrumental break (same chords as verse)


Chor3 (repeat last line)