Say What Ya Say - guitar

Say What Ya Say

     At 19 or 20 I sold my Martin Herringbone and purchased an amazing David Wren guitar at The Millwheel in Toronto. One of the first things I did was to tune the guitar to an open G tuning and fool around for a bit because it sounded so good. I came up with a 7/8 cross picked riff that sounded pretty interesting. I wrote the lyrics and structure about 25-30 years later.
     The 7/8 timing tends to "roll over itself" much like 9/8 slip jigs and you can hear this when Jacks' electric riff comes in at verse 2. The bass by Devon S and drums by Dave T build on this multi-layered, rolling aspect as the song moves along.

     The lyrics reflect my interactions with my friend Ralph from Dundas, ON. He always says things like, "Smile when you can" and his favourite, "Business as usual Clarence". The chorus speaks to his ability to say what he says.

Key G  7/8   Say What Ya Say


Verse 1

Am         G    Am       G       A wandering man once said to me 

Am            G   Am.         G

Smile when you can, be what you'll be



Say what ya say let it flow. 


See what ya see let it go


Hear when ya hear things unheard  


Fly when ya fly like a bird



Day after day time wanders by  

The miles roll away between you and I


Instrumental break