Southern Shore 4/4 Key A

Southern Shore came about from a conversation I had when I arrived in Nova Scotia in 2019. A lady was walking by my place and she said, "Hi, I see you are new here...have you ever been to Yarmouth?"

I told her I hadn't.

She quickly finished off our conversation with, "Well you don't want to go there!"...and she walked away.

I spent days wondering why I shouldn't go to Yarmouth and I wrote Southern Shore as a result of my many inquiries...I still don't know why I wouldn't want to go there lol.


Southern Shore

V1) A man from the river had a face just like a tree

And it made me shiver every time he looked at me

Through the woods he stared me down

So I headed for Yarmouth town

Ch1) We'll lift our glass to the friends who've passed

We'll stay forever more

Near the ocean docks and the rolling rocks

Down on the Southern Shore

Down on the Southern Shore

V2) A girl from the Valley she was long and tall

Some folks called her Sally and I took her to the ball

Her face it was frozen in a frown

So I headed for Yarmouth town


Instrumental break - Farewell To Ireland

V3) Our sons and our daughters said I needed more

So I headed for the waters of the mighty Lake Bras-Dor

Cape Breton didn't want me around

So I headed for Yarmouth town

Ch3...repeat Chor to end