Waiting On The Shore  Key D 4/4

Waiting On The ShoreDC MacLean
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Waiting On The Shore is a song about oppression. There have been a few re-writes of the lyrics since the creation of the melody several years back. I play rhythm, lead acoustic, bass and added some backing strings. I also do main vocals and harmony.

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Waiting On The Shore


V1) Today there came a wiser man 

To stay and tame a foreign land

His name was written in the sand

On a lonely shore

The will to be the chosen one

Still to see the moon and sun 

Fill the sky for everyone

It brings him back for more

Pre Ch) When you think of me

I hope some day you'll see

I'm just like the wayward wind

Drifting by your door

Your hearts are made of stone

I'll break them on my own

Ch) Then write for you a simple line

No need for me to be unkind

Reaching out for more

Waiting on the shore

V2) How our tears have made us blind

Now these fears are all behind us

Through the years they'll never find us

In this empty place

And in the cold and shining night

We win the old and sacred rite

Begin to fight the final fight

To run the final race

Pre Chor)

Chor) and repeat last line