Your Music

      Your Music was written after I accidentally formatted my new Mac. I use the computer strictly for recording and I back up my work regularly on an external drive. One day I noticed the external drive was not loading properly and then noticed something was a bit off while running my computer self-diagnostic. I tried to fix the problem with my vast arsenal of high-tech knowledge (hahahah) and I lost everything.

     The next day I attended the closest Apple Store located in a mall in London, ON. Your Music is written around my observations during the two days it took to fix the computer. Each day I drifted around the mall and the town for five and six hours at a time while the Apple people worked away. The chorus refers to all the songs I had in iTunes which I thought I had lost. The rest of the song consists of metaphorically driven tales of my times there.
     I play acoustic guitar, sing leads, harmonies and added some synth. Jack plays electric lead and rhythm as well as the classical guitar parts. Dave T is on drums and Devon S is on bass. 

                 Key C 4/4    Your Music


C                           G   Fmaj7               Cmaj7  

Drinking in bars, living in cars The prominent boys the social toys


Mingle with the stars, running the 

C                      G  Fmaj7            Cmaj7

Street with nothing to eat The prominent girls hold the world


They're dancing to the beat...These

Pre Ch1

Fmaj7    Cmaj7      Fmaj7    Cmaj7

Hearts they wander, these minds they ponder


Am        Em                       Am              

Your music helped me get through the night

Am        Em              Am

Your music made everything alright

D          Em               D     Dm

Your music gave me a hand to hold

Am        Em                Am      G (break) 

Your music gave me a heart of gold..........take a look at


Yourself have you been on the shelf Is there anyway any day

You can show us all your your

Car, get out a guitar Strumming a chord remembering Gord

Love will take you far.......These

Pre Ch2


Instrumental breaks

Am    E (repeats)      G (break)

Pre Ch3(a)......I spent

Fmaj7     Cmaj7     Fmaj7 Cmaj7

Two days in London and I, I was wonderin'......why these



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